Новинки компании Atos 04-2017

Новинки от Компании Атос от Апреля 2017 года. 




DPZE pilot operated proportional directional valves

The positive market feedback to ZE cost effective proportional valves, has led Atos to develop also the DPZE-A pilot operated directional valve, size 10 to 32, to complete the range of open loop proportional directional controls.

SIL/PL certification for digitalvalves

The TUVcertificationto IEC6150 SafetyIntegrityLeveland EN ISO13849 Performance LevelfordigitaldirectionalvalvesTES/LESandTEZ/LEZisinprogress.Weexpectitwill be available within Q3-2017 starting from valves with double power supply (12 poles mainconnector).

Atos Technical Office is available for any additional information you might require.

Fieldbuses for Atos digital valves

EtherNet/IP communication is now available for all directional & flow proportionals TES/LES closed loop valves, TEZ/LEZ axis controllers, as well as for the PES/PERS pumps, for their full compatibilty and integration in digital networks powered by ROCKWELL (Allen-Bradley) controllers.

PROFINETIRTprotocolisnowinprogressanditwillbeavailablestartingfromQ4-2017, extendingpotentialapplicationstosystemspoweredbySIEMENScontrollers.

The digital proportionals road map has been updated accordingly click here


Pressure relief valves with PED certification up to 420 bar

PED certification, currently available up to 350 bar, is going to be extended to 420 bar max pressure for screw-in cartridges CART M-3, M-4, M-6, ARE-15; stainless steel models and pressure relief ARE-*.

Price list:unchanged

Availability:new certification will be ready within Q2/2017


LIQZA with new ex-proof main position transducer

The new LIQZA ex-proof servoproportional cartridges is now able to handle the same nominal ATEX & IECEx certified, with increased stroke respect to oldversion.

The size range is from 16 to 100, without or with on-board digital driver.


UL certified ex-proof solenoids without pre-wired cables

Atos has obtained the UL certification for ex-proof solenoids without pre-wired cables, cable glands at their choice. This new solution simplifies the installation respect to theoldversioninwhichthefixedlengthoffactorywiredcablesobligedthecustomer to use conduit pipes and junctionboxes.

The on-off and proportional ex-proof valves without cables are identified by series 30 and they are equipped with a new solenoid’s nameplate reporting the additional French language for Canadian market.

Thenewserieswillbeavailablefromweek26/2017fullyreplacingtheoldseries22 which will be temporarily available on request till the end of 2017 and then phased-out.

Price list: unchanged

Technical documentation: temporarily on request; in catalog on-line from July

Servocylinders with transducer IO-LINK output

New CKM servocylinders equipped with the innovative position transducer with respecttoactualmagnetostrictivetransducers with digital output.

The IO-Link output simplifies the wiring by a consistent reduction of the electrical connections and it improves the diagnostics according to the Industry 4.0 criteria.

Electrohydraulic systems for recycling and waste industries Atosistraditionallypresentintherecyclingandwasteindustrywithcustomizedhydraulic systemsforcompactors,briquettingandbalers.Thissectorisconsistentlygrownthanks to modern eco-compatible policies for the environmentalpreservation.

New automated system for solenoid machining

AfirstclassNakamuraCNClathe,assistedbyarobotizedarmforloading/unloading,will beshortlyinstalledin of proportional solenoid housings; furthermore the innovative computerized optical inspection system with high-resolution cameras, detects eventual machiningdefects.